Model with dog charm

K9BF is about keeping our best K9 friends close. If you have owned a dog, it's likely that you can relate to the sheer joy of their companionship.

Our family grew up with dogs, two labs, a chocolate one named Flash, then a black one named Puck. Followed by Lola and Teddy. We aren't entirely sure what breeds the latter two fall under but we love them and in truth, it doesn't matter anyways. For the last 14 years they have been a part of our family, they sit at the table with us, watch movies with us and have made the empty nest less empty for our parents.

We have built K9BF on the premise that Dogs truly are our best friend. We hope that each of our dogs allows you to think of your friend often and serves as a constant reminder that they are near by, even if they aren't still with us physically they are with us in our hearts.

Made in Canada

Jewellery designer and goldsmith, Delane Cooper, creates our K9BF dog sculptures in Toronto, Canada. She integrates today’s 3D print technology and the ancient practice of lost wax casting, which allows her to utilize some of the casting imperfections to contribute to each dog’s distinctive beauty-marks from texture to the fold of an ear.

After the casting process, each dog charm is finished by hand in Delane’s Toronto studio. This process allows the dog’s personality to come out just as her dogs have had their own distinct character quirks from her Beagle, Mountain Cur, Pit bull to most recently her Portuguese Waterdog named Pearlaso.

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