Hi, my name is Augie

My name is Augie and I live in Los Angeles, California with my mom who is a writer and my dad who is a scientist that helps to cure aggressive cancers in humans. I was born in Tucson, Arizona to a family of show dogs but I was adopted when I was a year old because I was too unique to become a show dog like the rest of my family.

My biological brother is considered to be one of the most beautiful Brussels Griffons in the world, according to the experts! We are very different. You see, my tongue hangs out of my mouth because I don’t have very many teeth. My mom says that I was too beautiful and smart to become a show dog, but I don’t believe her because she sometimes calls me silly names like “Monkey Man” or “Baby Squid” and speaks in a ridiculous voice that I think is meant to be my voice.

I love living in L.A. The weather is always nice and I have so many friends in the neighborhood – my best friends are Rocco and Sadie as well as a cat who lives under the dumpster out back, but my best friends are my human family. I am so lucky to have a safe and comfortable home with lots of food to eat and water to keep me hydrated. Not all animals are so lucky. My family takes care of me, and in return, I take care of them by barking at anybody who gets too close or knocks at the apartment door.

My mom tells me this is unnecessary, but I am only 8 lbs and this is the best I can do! I am honored to be the doggy ambassador for K9BF because even though my parents don’t always understand why I eat their underwear or poop on the living room floor, they love me as much as I love them.

The difference in our genetic coding has no bearing on the joy and happiness we bring to each other’s lives, and if anything, the fact that we are different enhances the idea that we are all creatures on this big, scary, beautiful planet in search of the same things: love and comfort.

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